Brief History

BSNL is an state owned telecommunications company with it’s headquarter in New Delhi. Incorporated on 1st Oct 2000 is the largest provider of fixed telephony with more than 49% market share.

BSNL is india’s oldest communication service provider and its history can be traced back to British era when that was time of telegraph with Indian Telegraph Act which was passed by the British Imperial Legislative council. Telegraph services were shut down completely in India on 15 July 2013.


 Due to huge losses are declining customer base, BSNL fate is uncertain for more than a year. Its MD Mr. PK Purwar on Monday said that govt plan to revive BSNL should be in public domain within a month and salary of all employees will be paid before Diwali.

BSNL has its reach to even the remotest areas of country where no other operate has its signal range.

The ministry of finance earlier was not in the favour of revival but after PMO office intervention, ministry has now starting with a pan to turnaround the two companies BSNL and MTNL.

Ministry earlier were opposing any revival package to telecoms asking them to be a huge burden on the budgetary resources of the government.

Revival package includes Voluntary retirement scheme (VRS), allocation of 4G Spectrum and assets monetization, to make it financially sound and competitive which was amounting to ₹ 14,000 Cr for BSNL and ₹ 6,000 Cr. for MTNL.

BSNL and MTNL has tentative Physical properties of ₹ 1.10 Lakh cr., fibre optic network ₹60K Cr., and mobile towers worth of ₹ 35K Crore.


BSNL and MTNL work for nation and has vast &versatile network with their reach even on remotest areas where profit maker telecoms are not willing to go. Its reach to hearts of so many countrymen’s if revived and adopts the latest technology can reach to higher levels. After that govt can think about its listing and disinvestment to make it competitive. #IndianeedBSNL


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