D-Mart Q3 results beats estimate : Profit Grew 53%

The retail chain D-Mart declared its results for Q3’20 on Jan 11, 2020 which beats market estimates with growth of 53% in its profit. The growth is driven by higher revenue and operating income and lower tax cost.

Profit Q3’20 increases to Rs. 394.3 Cr vs Rs. 257.1 Cr in same period last year which is 53% higher.

Revenue Q3’20 increases to Rs. 6751.9 Cr vs Rs. 5450.9 Cr in same period last year which is 23.87% growth.

EBIT increases to Rs. 593.12 Cr vs Rs. 453.33 Cr which is 30.8% YoY growth.

Standalone Avenue Supermart Results
Standalone Avenue Supermart Results


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