Canadian Industrialist Erwin Singh Braich made $1.2 bn bid for Yes Bank

As per some sources, Canadian industrialist and philanthropist Erwin Singh Braich has made $1.2 billion bid for Yes bank.

Erwin Singh Braich is Industrialist and Philanthropist and Canada’s First Sikh Billionaire and Trustee, Managing Director & CEO of Braich Group of Companies and Trusts.

However, it is unlikely for RBI to allow any individual to have over 15% voting power in a Bank.

Earlier this month, Yes Bank CEO Ravneet Gill told in an exclusive interview that the bank had received bids worth $3 billion from eight investors.

Now, lets wait how the different bids received by Yes bank will be proceeded, in addition HDFC mutual fund and Falcon & Discovery have also shown interest in Yes Bank.

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